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Why Am I a Writer?

June 14, 2010

The easy answer to this is: Because God created me to be a writer.

Let me explain. God created every person on earth to be unique, with the specific characteristics He wanted them to have. To many people, He gave the ability to put words together in a way that sounds pleasing to the ear and can express His message in unique ways. I’m one of those people.

He also made me a storyteller. I like to weave together a good story that will keep the reader turning pages until the end. One that will stay in their minds and hearts for a time, continuing to bless them with how the characters interacted with our Almighty God. How they grew through the process and became more the people God wanted them to be. Because He also gave me the stories and the characters to live them out.

When I first started speaking to other writers, I would tell them that I didn’t know that not everyone was a writer. I just figured that everyone was just like me. Then I married a man who didn’t read or write. He wasn’t illiterate; he just didn’t like to read or write. As he’s matured, he has started reading a lot more, but he still doesn’t like to write. And that’s okay, because God didn’t create him to be a writer. He has read almost all of my seventeen books.

Did God create you to be a writer? If you have the ability to put words together in a pleasing manner, the answer is a resounding yes.

That doesn’t mean you will be a published author. You will be if it’s in His plan for you.

Some people who write are supposed to bless people by writing notes of encouragement to them in hard times. Other people minister to hurting persons either on their own blog or maybe in an Internet community such as Shoutlife, Facebook, or Myspace.

Perhaps you’re supposed to be the family historian who makes sure the stories of your family don’t fade away. Or you’re supposed to write devotionals, lessons, or other things for your church. You could make a name for yourself as a writer of articles for newspapers or magazines.

In addition to writing novels, I have written a Christmas short story almost every year since the Lord told me to become a professional writer. People around the world are blessed by these stories my husband and I send out instead of Christmas cards.

What I’m trying to say to you is: Find out why God gave you the ability to write, then pursue His purpose for your words.
Copyright 2010, Lena Nelson Dooley

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