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Author: Gail Sattler 
Location: Maple Ridge British Columbia, Canada     
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Signature: To sum myself up, I am a wife, mother, writer, and musician, and the order of those things will depend on what day it is.
Walking the Dog Walking the Dog
by Gail Sattler
Released: May 1998
Heartsong Presents
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Walking the Dog

Does an unruly dog have the power to unite two very different people?

Doreen McCullough is content with her self-made business of daycare for dogs and has developed quite a clientele. Between her Lord, her church, and her best friend Gretchen, a Standard Schnauzer, life for Doreen is in good order.
That is until the day she is plowed down by a canine that lacks even a hint of training and obedience. The dog is the perfect reflection of his owner, Edwin Olson. The only thing Doreen and Edwin have in common is the breed of their dogs.
Doreen has no interest in Edwin as a client due to his mangy dog - or as a boyfriend because of his obvious disinterest in God. But Edwin has a strong desire to be near her. Though he cannot explain why, he will do anything to get his dog into her program.
Can these two ever become one? It could take a miracle.

WALKING THE DOG was selected by the 1998 Heartsong Reader Poll as the #6 Favorite Contemporary Heartsong of the year.

Reviews for Walking the Dog

They were totally wrong for each other. In WALKING THE DOG (4), by Gail Sattler, the hapless owner of a rambunctious dog needs help from the disciplined owner of a day care for dogs. Through his schemes to gain her attention, he draws close to the Lord and his inner transformation slowly wins her over. Prepare to lose your heart to this less-than-typical romance hero. Snappy dialogue and brisk-paced love and laughter make Gail Sattler's first book a perfect light-hearted romance to brighten anyone's spirit.

— Diane Johnson Rating 4.0
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