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Author: Gail Sattler 
Location: Maple Ridge British Columbia, Canada     
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Signature: To sum myself up, I am a wife, mother, writer, and musician, and the order of those things will depend on what day it is.
Head Over Heels Head Over Heels
by Gail Sattler
Released: May 2007
Genre: Fiction - Romance
Thorndike Press; Thorndike Large Print edition
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Rating 4.0
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Head Over Heels

Falling Out A Window... Into Love

It was certainly not the way Marielle expected to meet a man--any man--but when she visited the gentleman she'd helped save from an accidental plunge, she was intrigued... but only until Russ's workaholic nature made itself known. She'd had more than enough of that from her ex-fiance. So when his boss suggested Russ volunteer in her teen center (the least Russ could do after having landed on her car!), the last thing Marielle was looking for was romance. But love just might bloom where she least expects it...

The back of the cover (listed above) just about says it all. Workaholic Russ feels he has to repay her for saving his life. He fell out of the third story window onto the top of her car. If he had fallen on the ground, he could have been hurt worse than cracked ribs, a broken nose, and a concussion.
There a few other things that happen, but I won't go into details. This was a good book, an easy read with some suspence, and some times you just want to shake them and say "It's right in front of your nose."
I hope you enjoy it too.

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Good Read
— L. Allen Rating 4.0
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