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Author: Gail Sattler 
Location: Maple Ridge British Columbia, Canada     
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Signature: To sum myself up, I am a wife, mother, writer, and musician, and the order of those things will depend on what day it is.
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The Narrow Path The Narrow Path
I would like to read about them getting married, and the next part of their lives...It was a great book...
— Robin (Horseheads , Ny) Rating 4.0
The Narrow Path The Narrow Path
Very good read!
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was hard for me to put it down. Good plot, good descriptions and good explanations for the Non-Mennonite reader. Thank you.
— Anita (Harlingen, Texas) Rating 5.0
The Narrow Path The Narrow Path
I purchased this book from my Church Camp in Mahaffey PA. In our denomanation Christian Missionary Alliance Church, it is our Family Church camp for 10 days starting Friday July 20 and ending Sunday July 29 2012. This book was discounted in our camp bookstore and I bought it and really enjoyed reading it. I am glad Ted proposed to Miranda and that they are going to be married. A very great ending to this noivel. I loved it!!
— Linda Dyekman (Latrobe PA USA) Rating 5.0
The Narrow Path The Narrow Path
Great read!
What a great story. I have read many Amish/Mennonite novels and I learned a little more about the Mennonite lifestyle. What is in store next for Ted & Miranda? When will there be a sequel?
— jenny (Indiana) Rating 5.0
The Narrow Path The Narrow Path
an eye opener
Yes i just want to say this is a great!book i think about the greatest love story next to the "Notebook" i could not put it down i want to read it again it was so good :).It had a good plot from start to finised I wish there was a part two to it .Plese rt one one if you can .I just love all the characters I felt like i was in the story with them .It had a lot of good points to about getting along with one another even if we might be in the same faith but see and do things differnt its all about pleaseing whats to the Lord and to his kingdom.I just love it ,this book was rt on time in my life and teaches me about what it is to be in love with someone I learned a lot from it ,I thank you Gail.
— marcus bailey (macclesfield,nc 27802) Rating 5.0
The Narrow Path The Narrow Path
Absolutely loved this book! Didn't want to put it down.
— Tanya (Kentucky) Rating 5.0
The Narrow Path The Narrow Path
Narrow Path Review
Loved, loved, loved the book! Couldn't put it down (actually close my Cloud Kindle)! I could relate having Mennonite heritage and having many, many Mennonite friends, all from different backgrounds. Great read!
— Caroline (Maine) Rating 5.0
The Narrow Path The Narrow Path
Such an awesome read!!! I loved the way Gail blended the Old with the New & maintained respect for both. Godly morals were included though the plot was not stuffy in any way. A book that everyone should read!!
— Joyce Eskew (Missouri) Rating 5.0
The Narrow Path The Narrow Path
Wonderful, Loved it
Just finished the book on my Kindle. Loved it! I sure hope it will have a sequel to it, because it left me wanting more!
— Lecia (Kentucky) Rating 5.0
The Narrow Path The Narrow Path
Wonderful Book
Just finished reading "The Narrow Path"!! What a great book! Living in a mostly Mennonite community with several churches within a few miles, I can identify with some of the things in the book, especially the food! The ladies around here really know how to cook!!! Will there be more of the same type of books in the future?
— Judy Barnhart (NW Ohio) Rating 5.0
The Narrow Path The Narrow Path
I read this book in just a couple of hours finished it and then opened it back up and reread it. It is such a wonderful story with a wonderful message. I hope more books like these are written by Gail Sattler.
— Angela (Galveston, Texas) Rating 5.0
The Narrow Path The Narrow Path
book review
I just finished reading The Narrow Path and loved it. Are you going to write more like this one? Someone asked if they were going to make a movie of the Narrow Path - that would be a great idea. We need more Christian stories out there. I love the Vancouver book - it has so many places mentioned in it that I have been to and I love the stories also. It is one of my favorite books that I often read - the stories don't get old.
— Bessie Austin (Chatham, Ont., Canada) Rating 5.0
The Narrow Path The Narrow Path
The Narrow Path
I just read The Narrow Path, and I loved it. I felt like I was right there .
Can't wait to read another book by Gail Sattler!
— Carla (Reeseville, WI) Rating 5.0
The Narrow Path The Narrow Path
I just finished reading The Narrow Path yesterday and enjoyed it. This story would make a great TV movie. Have you had any offers?
— Jack Ewing (Pittsburgh PA) Rating 5.0
Head Over Heels Head Over Heels
Good Read
— L. Allen Rating 4.0
The Narrow Path The Narrow Path
A wonderful story of meshing old and new traditions, of embracing change in the church and of love, Gail Sattler has written a book that you will not want to put down
— Cindy Loven Rating 5.0
The Narrow Path The Narrow Path
the Narrow Path Review
Gail has the gift in, The Narrow Path, as in her other books, of keeping things exciting all the way. It is hard to lay down wondering what will happen next. My husband Glenn also found it very good reading. We were both raised in the Mennonite Church back in the 40's and 50's and can relate to much of it. It is a very good lesson on opposites working together as long as their desire is to serve the Lord.
— Mary Stehman (Hesston, Kansas) Rating 5.0
The Narrow Path The Narrow Path

Well, I've read quite a few of Gail's books, including "Vancouver" (my most favorite city in the world!) and loved them; however, "The Narrow Path" had a different flavor. I have also read a lot of the Amish books out there, but I must say that this Mennonite Brethern story had a unique twist, that being, tradition meet contempory/progressive, all within the same denomination. A bit tricky, I must say, all that Gail pulled off in this book! Rather than tell the plot, I think I can summarize what made this a successful story that also had a very happy ending: Gail's two main characters both had a very deep and mature relationship with the Lord and passionate desire to bring others to the Lord and also keep the existing "flock" strong in their walk. Just how they went about this is where the sparks do fly and Gail's funny bone stars in so many scenes--laugh-out-loud stuff, I am talking about! I started out rolling my eyes at stuffy-stick-in-the-mud-Ted, never dreaming I'd end up being........OOPS! I said I'd not tell the plot-almost spilled the beans, didn't I?!
It didn't hurt any that the book takes place in my beautiful state of Minnesota!
A good, fun read that is perfect to take to the beach, but for sure has a truth to be learned.

— Joy Maher (Minnesota) Rating 5.0
Hearts in Harmony Hearts in Harmony

I've read at least a hundred Love Inspireds and this is one of the best. It has great character conflict, honesty, deep emotion, great chemistry between characters. It shows how unconditional love can restore trust. It's an all around excellent book and interesting from the first page because the characters feel like real people. The characters do the appropriate thing in seeking council from the pastor when needed. This issue of the past was referred to but not belabored to the point you want to scream, "Enough Already!" It didn't sound hokey and I was glad to read about a character with a less than stellar background. As a new Christian, she is realistically portrayed in regards to internal conflict. I especially liked the fact that she wanted what was best for the hero, even if it wasn't her. I also loved the fact that the hero saw her a truly forgiven, just like his friends had, rather than punishing her for something she had done before she was saved. A truly inspirational message. I sighed at the end because the love was so intense and real. And the kiss...that made the story worth reading. This is truly one of the page-turners that you'll want to backorder since it's a May 2005 date on the cover.

— Michelle Sutton Rating 5.0
Hearts in Harmony Hearts in Harmony

I really enjoyed reading this book and I found the characters to be especially inspiring. Adrian is a handsome single accountant who plays for his church's praise team and Celeste is a new Christian with a dark past. They meet when Celeste's car breaks down and form a friendship that blossoms into something more when Celeste joins the praise team. Her past eventually comes back to harm her, however, and stands in the way of this blossoming relationship. Eventually both of them must come to turns with her past, in order to not miss out on the chance of love.

Other than this romance, the book's spiritual message is really compelling and beautiful. It speaks to the reader about God's forgiveness and His unconditional love - and how our pasts do not determine our future.

I left off a star because at times the book got frustrating with Celeste's doubts and the long-awaited details about her past. I also got the overwhelming feeling as I read that, even for an inspirational romance, it all seemed too perfect - but I did accept that many romances play out that way, so it was worth it in the end.

Rating 4.0
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